I fell in love with my camera in 77 but it wasn’t until 91 that I realized the depth of my passion for visual arts (painting and photography). Aside from wildlife, war and catalogue photography, I have stuck my nose in every photography genre, perhaps because I never particularly look for anything but simply take it all in.

I have had the blessing to have lived in 3 different continents and of course lots of travel. Only recently I decided to put my photography passion to a more marketable use rather than documentary and street photography and I have to say I am enjoying it much more than I imagined.

At this stage I am dedicating my photography focus to portraiture, family and photo-reportage and hope to expand into other areas (except the three I have already mentioned) if the opportunity rises.

Family Photography  /  on location photography  / portraiture  /  portrait photography  /  event photography /  photojournalism  /   studio photography  /  modeling photography  /   Documentary photography /